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Supporting Local Businesses and Job Creation

Across East Yorkshire, we have a range of inventive local businesses – from seaside vendors and street retailers to higher-tech start ups.

Greg has campaigned successfully for lower business taxes to promote growth, create jobs and deliver more tax revenue for our valued public services. He has made the case for lower taxes to encourage employers both to hire more people and pay higher wages. For the high street, Greg regularly liaises with East Riding of Yorkshire Councillors to promote policies that increase footfall into our local shops, and he has backed an overhaul of business rates. Greg consistently makes the case for less business red-tape, which adds unnecessary costs and stifles business expansion.

These issues are vital for local business growth, but they are also key to making sure Britain as a nation is fit to thrive in the twenty-first century. Conservatives in government have delivered record-breaking jobs growth – which demonstrates both the economic and social importance of promoting the right climate for business but we can do more.

However, many local jobs and businesses would be put at risk by an irresponsible high-spending, high-borrowing, high-taxing, extreme left-wing government led by Jeremy Corbyn.

On 12th December Back Boris – and vote for Greg