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Knight says: ‘Ban Sky Lanterns’

East Yorkshire MP Sir Greg Knight has renewed his calls for people to stop using Chinese Sky Lanterns, following the latest tragedy, this time at a German zoo, where lanterns started a blaze which destroyed premises and killed many exotic primates.

Sir Greg says: “This problem exists not just in Germany but also here. Sky lanterns can harm or kill animals, either by ingestion or by starting fires.  They also put farmers crops at risk of being set alight and destroyed. 

He adds: “These lanterns all land somewhere and whilst they may look momentarily pretty in the sky, they soon become potentially dangerous litter across the countryside. There are many ways to celebrate special occasions that don’t create unwanted litter or pose a fire risk – so I’m urging everyone to give sky lanterns a miss.”

The MP adds: “I am calling for the law to be examined in the new Parliament to see if we need to introduce a specific ban. After all, they are, in reality,  potentially lethal litter.”

The National Farmers Union has previously said it is opposed to their continued use.