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“Follow the Health Guidance” -MP

East Yorkshire MP Sir Greg Knight has criticised those who are ignoring calls for social distancing and who have visited tourist spots during the growing severity of the coronavirus crisis. 

Recently thousands of people flouted Government warnings to stay indoors and many beaches, beauty spots, parks and playgrounds were packed as Britons took advantage of the sunny spring weather. 

Greg condemned those who were ‘risking their lives and everybody else’s lives’ by ignoring the calls to self-isolate and adhere to social distancing advice. 

The Government has warned Britons that going to campsites and holiday homes away from cities is not considered ‘essential travel’.

Communities Secretary Robert Jenrick MP has said people need to realise that the Government’s advice to keep social distance ‘isn’t a game’.

He said people can still go out for walks and take exercise. However, he added: ‘Lots of people sat out together in parks or on beaches. That isn’t sensible. We strongly discourage that.’