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“Fairer Parking is a Step Nearer” says Greg

East Yorkshire MP Sir Greg Knight has welcomed the publication of the new draft code of practice to regulate private parking companies, mandated by his Private Member’s legislation, the Parking (Code of Practice) Act.

Greg’s Act, which enjoys cross-party support, requires the government to issue a statutory Code of Practice for private parking companies, which will prevent motorists being unfairly treated in future.

Sir Greg said: “The clear majority of car park providers are honest and fair but unscrupulous rogues are undermining the whole sector with bad practice”.

“Some dodgy operators are engaging in practices such as unclear signage, fining people whilst they are getting change to pay for parking and penalty notices being issued despite payment machines being out of order.  Currently there is no legally binding code to prevent this”.

“I am delighted that the Government has moved a step nearer to making parking fairer for motorists by publishing the draft Code required by my act”.

The proposals include, a maximum cap for parking fines, a ten-minute grace period before a late fine can be issued and a requirement for parking firms to clearly display pricing and terms and conditions.

Fresh measures proposed in the new Code and Framework include the creation of a mandatory single Appeals Service and Appeals Charter for motorists to turn to if they are unfairly fined. Under options set out in the Appeals Charter, motorists could be able to appeal their fine and see it reduced to a maximum of £20, or cancelled entirely.

Rogue firms which break the Code could be barred from requesting Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) data, making them unable to pursue motorists for their charges through the post.

Sir Greg’s Parking (Code of Practice) Act became law in March 2019 and builds on action the government has already taken to tackle rogue parking firms, including banning wheel clamping and towing and over-zealous parking enforcement by councils.