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MP Greg Backs British Farming Day

Sir Greg is backing local farmers by supporting the NFU British Farming Day on Wednesday 9th September 2020.  The occasion provides a focus on the importance of British food and farming, which contributes over £120 billion to the national economy and provides jobs for more than 4 million people.

Greg says: “Our farmers produce food to the highest standards in the world while protecting and enhancing our countryside and a strong farming sector is vital to our nation’s health and prosperity.

Sir Greg adds: “There has never been a more important time to Back British Farming and acknowledge the role farmers play in feeding the nation and caring for the countryside.

 “Local farmers not only fill the shelves of our grocery stores, they also provide the raw materials to keep 4 million people employed”.

“Agriculture is vital not least for the jobs and produce that it provides here in East Yorkshire. It is imperative that we ‘buy British’ whenever possible to help to give local farming a prosperous long-term future”.