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Knight Supports New Park-Home Safeguards

East Yorkshire MP Greg Knight is backing legislation being introduced in Parliament to crack down on rogue park home operators. The new measures will help local authorities target offenders in the sector by introducing a ‘fit and proper person’ test.

The legislation will require all site licence holders to apply, either on behalf of themselves or their appointed site manager, to the relevant local authority for inclusion on a ‘fit and proper person register’. The test will not be burdensome for site owners but will benefit all residents by stopping people with convictions for fraud or violence from running park home sites.

Where an application for inclusion has been successful, a local authority can include a person in the register for up to 5 years which will contain the fit and proper person’s name and business contact details, as well as the name and address of the site. 

If a site operator or their appointed site manager fails to meet the test, the site operator will have a limited grace period in which to submit another application for an alternative site manager to be assessed for inclusion on the register.

In welcoming the plans Sir Greg said: “Whilst most park homes across the country are run well, sadly there are some stories of dubious practices and intimidation by site managers.  Until now local authorities have been left powerless to act.

This legislation has my backing and is designed to banish rogues from the sector.”