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Greg Renews Call for Sky Lantern Ban

Greg is calling for a UK-wide ban on sky lanterns.

Sir Greg told the House of Commons that the lanterns are “hazardous airborne litter that invariably lands on someone else’s property”.  He is calling for government action to ban them.

The lanterns, which are often released to celebrate special occasions, look momentarily pretty in the sky but the Government is already discouraging their use because they create unwanted litter and pose a fire risk.  Sir Greg is now calling on the Government to go one step further and ban their use.

Replying to Sir Greg’s call, the Leader of the House, Jacob Rees-Mogg, whilst acknowledging his own constituents had raised concerns about sky lanterns, expressed a reluctance to introduce a ban.

Sir Greg disagrees and says that a full ban is the only answer: “In Germany sky lanterns actually started a fire at a zoo which killed many exotic animals.  If we do not take firmer action here in the UK it is only a matter of time until another disaster strikes.”

“I am calling for the law to be changed now because I think we need to introduce a specific ban to deal with this problem. These lanterns are potentially lethal litter.”