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MP Backs ‘Buy British’ Food Policy

East Yorkshire MP Sir Greg Knight has spoken up for British produce in the House of Commons urging people to ‘buy British’ at their local store.

Sir Greg welcomed the news that two supermarket chains have recently announced that they are to stock and sell more British goods in future, and he is encouraging others to follow suit.

Speaking in the Commons, he told ministers, “Buying British is the practical and effective way to champion our local farmers and promote their produce”.

In response, the Leader of the House Jacob Rees-Mogg MP, brandishing a Union Jack facemask, agreed and said “We should all try to buy British where we can”, adding “We produce some of the best goods in the world. Good-value British products are what we want, and we want to eat more of them”.

Afterwards, Sir Greg said: “In buying British you are not only getting top-quality produce, often raised to higher welfare standards than imported goods, but you are helping local farmers, often keeping money in the local community”.