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Greg visits Innovative East Riding Company

Greg has paid a fact-finding visit to local company Construction Automation Limited to view their unique high tech ‘robot bricklayer’.

The robot can mechanically build a house and it is the first ever electronic ‘brickie’ operating anywhere in the world. The machine’s computer reads building construction plans and then lays bricks and mortar accordingly and at speed.

Directors David Longbottom and Stuart Parkes say Construction Automation, based in Pocklington, showed Greg the inner workings of their unique robot during his visit.

David told Sir Greg that the robot bricklayer is the first in the world to build a house and it is controlled by an electronic tablet.  He adds: “The bricklayer of the future will not be someone getting his hands dirty with a trowel but will be operating our robot with an electronic tablet.”

The Automated Bricklaying device consists of a robotic bricklaying arm and a mortar feeding system that sits on a 9-metre-high vertical frame operated on a track.  The machine also includes a person-riding lift and has the ability to build around corners.

David told Sir Greg: ‘The Automated Bricklaying Robot could make housebuilding cheaper as it eliminates the need for scaffolding to be erected around a property in the course of construction.