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Greg Concerned over ‘Inadequate Warnings’ on E10

Greg is cautioning the public to be extremely careful if they drive an older vehicle and not to use ‘E10’ fuel without first checking on the compatibility of their vehicle. 

The MP is warning the public to exercise ‘extreme caution’, before using the E10 blend. Sir Greg points out that it is not just owners of historic cars who need to avoid using the new blend of petrol but also those who drive some cars that were manufactured before 2011. 

The Department for Transport (DFT) has announced that E10 petrol will be the standard 95-octane petrol grade from 1 September 2021 but this has so far gone largely unnoticed by the general public. 

Sir Greg questions the effectiveness of the “obscure” warnings that have so far been given over incorrect E10 use and he has raised his concerns with the government.

The MP also queries the accuracy of the advice being given on the ‘online E10 compatibility checker’ website. Despite being informed by Transport Secretary Grant Shapps MP that the website was ‘already up to date and will be accurate’, Sir Greg is unconvinced and says he has worries about both the precision and the poor visibility of the data being promoted by the government. 

He is concerned that the low-key warnings may result in the owners of some incompatible vehicles erroneously using E10. “Problems are unlikely to be immediate but the continued use in older engines could cause severe damage” he adds.  The MP is also cautioning against the use of E10 with older machinery, including farming apparatus, tractors and garden equipment.  He points out that many machines are used seasonally and therefore could be at greater risk of suffering damage after lying dormant with E10 in their tank.