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Greg Backs Fair Remuneration for Musicians

Greg is one of the backers of an all-party campaign which seeks to secure a fairer deal for musicians whose music is streamed.

Musicians’ earnings have been devastated by the closing down of live events during the pandemic. This has highlighted how artists are not getting a fair share of record streaming revenues.

Now a Parliamentary Bill has been introduced by Labour MP Kevin Brennan, which is being backed by Greg, to create a new right to fair remuneration for musicians when their work is played on streaming platforms

“Streaming has created huge opportunities for musicians, but most of the income ends in the pockets of record labels, streaming platforms and digital giants, rather than in the hands of the artists.” Greg says.

This Bill will help fix streaming law so that creators and musicians get a fair share.

Other MPs supporting the bill include Alex Davies-Jones MP (Labour, Pontypridd), Jim Shannon MP (DUP, Strangford), Pete Wishart MP (SNP, Perth and North Perthshire) and Conservative David Warburton MP.

Although the Bill is not being supported by the government, Ministers have accepted that the present situation is unsatisfactory and have now promised an urgent review.