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Greg’s Law ‘Clamps’ Rogue Parking Firms

  • Government Code of Practice launched to crackdown on cowboy private car parking firms
  • New rules follow a law change introduced in Parliament by East Yorkshire MP Sir Greg Knight
  • Fines cut by up to 50% in most areas across England, Wales and Scotland
  • New Appeals Charter will eliminate fines for motorists who make genuine errors or have mitigating circumstances
  • Additional rip-off debt collection fees banned
  • Rogue operators who do not follow the Code by the end of 2023 could be banned from accessing Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) data

Motorists are set to benefit from a major crackdown on rogue parking firms which will see fines slashed and a clearer and fairer appeals system created.

A new package of measures announced in February 2022 will protect drivers from unfair and extortionate charges, with a new code of practice to ensure cowboy private parking firms operate reasonably.

The government’s new Parking Code of Practice, introduced under the provisions of Sir Greg Knight’s Parking (Code of Practice) Act, will see parking fines cut by up to 50% in the majority of cases, saving motorists millions of pounds each year.

The proposals include a maximum cap for parking fines, a ten-minute grace period before a late fine can be issued, and a requirement for parking firms to clearly display pricing and terms and conditions.

In England outside of London and in Wales, charges will be reduced from £100 to £70 or £50, depending on the seriousness of the breach.

Currently, private parking firms are able to hide behind non-specific, pseudo-legal and aggressive language when pursuing motorists. The code of practice will provide new higher standards.

Rogue firms which break these rules could be barred from requesting Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) data, making them unable to pursue motorists for their charges.

A new, simpler appeals process is also being created, to make it easier for disputed fines to be cancelled.

The measures will be a major boost to millions of motorists in England, Scotland and Wales and will eliminate the risk of being unfairly penalised when parking.

Sir Greg said “Some car park providers are honest and fair but many unscrupulous rogues have undermined the sector with bad practice. I warmly welcome the government’s action in implementing a crackdown authorised by my Act of Parliament, which will prevent motorists being unjustly treated in future and will make parking a vehicle a fairer experience for all.”