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Greg Calls for Fuel Duty Cut to Help Rural Areas

Greg is one of 50 MPs who has written to the Chancellor and urged a cut in fuel duty to help to tackle the soaring cost of living.

Skyrocketing oil prices have caused record prices at the pumps and misery for many motorists, yet they have also given the treasury a VAT windfall.  

Sir Greg said:  “Pump prices 12 months ago were around £1.20 per litre and are now over £1.70 per litre at some outlets, which means it costs over £25 more to fill up an average family car. 

“These record prices are making balancing the budget difficult for many households, particularly in rural areas where people have no choice but to use their car to get to work or take children to school.  Cutting fuel duty is something that I have asked the Chancellor to consider urgently and it would provide a real, measurable and immediate benefit to people’s back pockets”.

The Chancellor is expected to make a budgetary announcement soon.