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MP Welcomes Coast Innovation Help for East Yorkshire

As part of the Government’s £200 million flood and coast innovation programme, East Riding of Yorkshire will receive part of a £36 million investment to explore innovative approaches of adapting to the effects of coastal erosion.

Known as the Coastal Transition Accelerator Programme, the funding will help communities in areas of the coast that cannot sustainably be defended from coastal erosion.

Residents will be supported to prepare and plan for the long term, while also trialling some immediate actions that support the long-term resilience of communities near the coast.

Such action could involve improving and replacing damaged community infrastructure and using land in coastal erosion zones for different purposes, including developing the local planning system so it supports the transition of communities from high-risk areas. 

Sir Greg, who has long campaigned for extra help for areas suffering coastal erosion, says: “This programme will support innovative solutions to help areas vulnerable to coastal erosion to prepare and adapt and is most welcome.”

The programme will run to March 2027 and is in addition to the £5.2 billion already being invested in flood and coastal defences between 2021 and 2027.