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Greg Backs New Litter Clean Up Plans

Greg has backed new action to help councils tackle the scourge of litter from fast-food outlets at its source.

Sir Greg said: ‘Litter is a blight on many streets and is a source of frustration and anger to local residents as well as being off-putting to tourists.  I am therefore delighted that the Government is empowering local councils to require new food take-away businesses to clean up the litter they generate’.

The Government has said that it is making it clear to councils that they can now set planning conditions that secure commitment from new hot food takeaways to clean up litter generated by their premises.  

The new plans will enable councils to ask premises to install new litter bins, put up appropriate signage and encourage the responsible disposal of litter.

Sir Greg says:  ‘Clean streets are vital to the character and wellbeing of our towns and tourist areas. I am pleased that councils will in future be able to use planning conditions to ensure our streets are cleaner and tidier and therefore more attractive.’