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Greg says “NO” to Fracking

Greg has criticised the decision to lift the moratorium on shale gas exploration.

In the House of Commons Sir Greg told the Business Secretary: “Despite what he has said, is it not the case that forecasting the occurrence of seismic events as a result of fracking remains a challenge to the experts.  

Is it not therefore creating a risk of an unknown quantity to pursue shale gas exploration at the present time? 

Greg concluded: “Is he aware the safety of the public is not a currency in which some of us choose to speculate”?

Later, Sir Greg said, “there remains doubt and uncertainty about the effects of the fracking process, which has the potential to release methane gas and also pollute underground water supplies. Because of my current safety concerns, I am not prepared to support the resumption of shale gas exploration.

In any event, local people should have the final say on any shale gas activities which should not be forced upon communities without local consent.”