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Greg to see Minister over Lack of NHS Dentists in Bridlington

East Yorkshire MP, Sir Greg Knight, is to see the Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Health, Neil O’Brien MP, over the current lack of NHS dental services in Bridlington.

Sir Greg raised the issue in the House of Commons when he pointed out to the Minister there was a lack of NHS dental provision in the town and said that action needed to be taken.

The MP’s intervention follows the recent closure of Bupa Dental Care in Bridlington and the MP said he had received a number of complaints from people who were unable to get NHS dental treatment.

The Parliamentary exchange which took place this week was as follows:-

Sir Greg Knight MP:

Is the Minister aware that there is a particular problem in Bridlington in my constituency, where an increasing number of residents are finding it not just difficult to access NHS dental care, but impossible to do so? 

Recently, a dental practice in the town has closed. 

Will he agree to meet me on this matter to see what can be done to resolve the issue, hopefully sooner rather than later?

Neil O’Brien MP, Under Secretary of Health:

Of course, I would be keen to meet to try to address those issues and to build on the work that we are doing nationally.

Sir Greg says he expects to speak to the Minister “shortly”.