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Greg Calls for Motorways Clean-Up

East Yorkshire MP Sir Greg Knight is calling on National Highways to do more to clean up unsightly litter across our motorway network.

Greg is backing a Parliamentary motion, which has cross-party support, highlighting the need to tackle the problem on several levels, including leading with an anti-litter message on motorway gantries which would be backed by tough enforcement and cleaning up existing litter.

In the recent budget the Chancellor allocated an extra £200 million to repairing potholes.

Sir Greg said: “Filling the potholes should be the number one priority but, after that, we should turn our attention to unsightly litter”. 

“Some of our motorway network is kept clean and litter free but other sections are a disgrace.  Litter is bad for the environment, unpleasant to look at and, in some cases, can even pose a danger to motorists if it blows across the road.”

“I’m calling for further action to clean up our motorways and keep them clean”.