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Greg Criticises Winter Clock Change

Greg has renewed his call for the government to abandon the annual ritual of ditching British Summertime in winter. He is urging that our clocks be brought forward by one hour all year round”.

Sir Greg says: “Under our current arrangements, the country will be plunged into darkness from mid-afternoon every day until next Spring. I am calling for a review with a view of scrapping this winter time clock change misery  “so we can enjoy lighter afternoons the whole year around”.

Sir Greg’s views are backed by road safety organisations and tourism groups.

“Putting Britain on summertime in winter would boost tourism in East Yorkshire, where it gets dark a full 30 minutes before sunset in Cornwall.  It would also reduce accidents” he adds.

Sir Greg explains: “In the morning, most road journeys are predictable and people are fresh and alert. If the first journey of the day was partly in darkness, it would be safer than the present situation where for over three months of the year, most afternoon and early evening journeys are carried out in darkness.”

“Reducing accidents is not the only reason for changing our time zone”, adds Sir Greg, “we would also all save energy as daylight hours would better reflect our waking hours.”

Sir Greg is now calling for a two year trial of’ lighter evenings’ but so far the government has not shown enthusiasm for implementing such a proposal.