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Responses to National Campaigns

Many campaign groups organise pre-scripted “click and send” email write-in campaigns to MPs. There is nothing wrong with this as it provides a quick and easy way of letting a Member of Parliament know your views.

However, Greg receives many hundreds of these third-party campaign emails every single week and it is impossible to answer each one individually and speedily.

Hence, in order to give a quicker response to the issue concerned, Greg will post his responses to many of these organised campaigns here, so please do check the list of campaign responses below, before sending Greg a pre-formatted stock email. The list of responses is regularly updated.

If, having read Greg’s response, you have any further concerns, then please do send a personalised email and he will respond to your individual points thereafter.

Fur Imports – March 2022

Grasslands and Meadows – November 2021

Dementia – September 2021

Pet Microchipping – March 2021

Environment Bill – March 2021

Food Standards and Trade – March 2021

Animal Sentience – September 2020

A Green Recovery from Coronavirus – September 2020

Animal Experiments – July 2020

Divorce Bill – June 2020

Trophy Hunting – June 2020