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Health Services

East Yorkshire MP Sir Greg Knight has welcomed the Secretary of State for Health Matt Hancock to Bridlington Hospital. 

The visit was arranged by Greg who is concerned that facilities at the hospital are not being fully utilised and that more services should be carried out there.

During the visit the Health Secretary and Sir Greg were given a tour of the hospital and met staff and patients.

Greg says: “Bridlington Hospital is currently a grossly underused NHS resource and many local people find it incredible that ward closures have taken place here whilst at Scarborough Hospital people have been working out of porta-cabins.

After the visit, Minister Matt Hancock said: “I was delighted to visit Bridlington Hospital with Greg Knight today to meet the staff and the patients. It was great to see the strong commitment to the hospital from both Greg and the staff. We had productive discussions about how to expand services at Bridlington. I can see a bright future ahead for Bridlington hospital.”

Later Sir Greg and Mr Hancock met members of the Bridlington Health Forum to discuss their concerns.