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Meet Boris

A brighter future for Britain: Back Boris and vote for Greg

MPs spent the last three years arguing about Brexit. And they got nothing done. Brexit is delayed yet again and the country’s priorities have been ignored.

That’s why we called this general election. Because the country deserves a parliament that works.

So on the 12th of December, every single one of us will have a choice. We can vote for five more years of uncertainty and confusion. Or we can vote to get Brexit done – and get on with the country’s priorities. 

I know that there’s a brighter future for Britain. A future where Brexit is done and we’re focusing on the issues that matter to you and your family. A future with better hospitals, safer streets, world-class schools and a strong economy.

That’s the brighter future I’m asking you to vote for. With your support, we’ll pass our new Brexit deal and get Brexit done. We’ll invest £33.9 billion extra in the NHS. Hire 20,000 new police officers. Get more money to every single school in the country. And continue to grow our economy.

We can’t afford another hung parliament – with Jeremy Corbyn in charge of nothing except more arguments.

So let’s get Brexit done. Let’s get on with the country’s priorities. And let’s put Britain back on the road to a brighter future.




The Prime Minister has held many high-profile jobs. He was a journalist, Mayor of London, Foreign Secretary, and author of a number of books. Boris was elected as the Conservative MP for Uxbridge and South Ruislip in May 2015, and previously, he was the MP for Henley from June 2001 to June 2008.

Mayor of London, 2008 to 2016

As Mayor of London, Boris Johnson cut crime, put more police on the beat, delivered more affordable homes, and oversaw the successful 2012 Olympics.

Foreign Secretary, 2016 to 2018

Following the EU referendum, Boris was appointed Foreign Secretary where he led the international effort to expel 150 Russian diplomats from 28 countries after the Salisbury poisoning.

Prime Minister, July 2019 to present

Since becoming Prime Minister, Boris has done what the commentators said was impossible. He secured a new Brexit deal with the EU, abolishing the anti-democratic backstop, and got a majority to support the deal in Parliament.

And from day one the Prime Minister got to work on the country’s priorities. He’s delivering more funding to the NHS. Recruiting 20,000 extra police officers. And increasing the money we give to schools across the country.