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MPs Voice Concern Over Rogue Locksmiths

 MPs have expressed concern in Parliament over rogue locksmiths who may be a security risk to homeowners.

The Master Locksmiths Association (MLA) say that they hear on a near daily basis from consumers who have unknowingly employed an unaccredited locksmith. Some have been severely overcharged and in extreme cases rogue locksmiths have retained keys to locks they have installed.

The MLA has recently revealed a soaring number of British households are falling victim to bogus locksmiths. Over the past year, two thirds of the MLA’s members have been called to repair a botched job and it is estimated that 65% dodgy locksmiths are overcharging customers.

Greg is urging the public to be vigilant when choosing a locksmith and says that people should not entrust the keys to their home to unknown, dubious workmen.

Speaking in the House of Commons Sir Greg pointed to the risk that dodgy locksmiths often quote an unrealistically low price only to later claim for ‘unexpected additional work’ they say needs doing when half-way through the job.

He said: “People should do their research before choosing a locksmith.” 

During the debate, Mark Pawsey, the MP for Rugby, pointed out that many European countries have banned on-line ads from unaccredited locksmiths. Mr Pawsey said: “Most ads appearing in on-line search results are from unreliable or even crooked locksmiths who take advantage of those in need to charge exorbitant prices for shoddy workmanship.”