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MP Warns on New ‘Energy Grant’ Scam

East Yorkshire MP Sir Greg Knight is warning constituents to be aware of a scam relating to the Government’s £400 energy grant.

Sir Greg warns: “As energy bills rise, scammers are seeking to take advantage of unsuspecting consumers. Their latest trick involves sending a malicious text message link that asks you to sign up for the government’s energy grant”.

A text message, purporting to be from the Government, asks you to click on a link to apply for the £400 grant. 

“If you get one of these texts, do not click on the link. Your grant will be applied without you needing to take any action”.

Sir Greg adds: ‘The grant is sent automatically through your energy company, and you do not need to apply for it.’  The link which you are asked to click on is a scam website that mimics the official government website and then asks you to part with your personal details.

‘‘If you receive such a text message, I recommend you block the sender and forward the texts to 7726 to report them or use the website: